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CHIP of Virginia is a non-profit organization responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of a statewide network of community-based child health and family support programs in Virginia. CHIP of Virginia is governed by a Board of Directors and provides the following core functions for the CHIP statewide network: Administration, New Site Development, Training and Technical Assistance, Quality Assurance and Evaluation, Resource Development, and Public Relations and Communications.

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Central Office Move!

Effective August 28, 2013, the CHIP of Virginia main office has moved! 
Our new address is 2225-C Hanover Avenue, Richmond, VA 23220
There's no change to our phone or fax numbers. 
Thank you for updating your records...

CHIP Video

See how CHIP improves young children's health and promotes wellness & self-sufficiency in low-income  families throughout Virginia in this video.

Research demonstrates cost-savings of CHIP Prenatal Services...

Through a grant provided by The Commonwealth Fund, CHIP worked with Sentara Health System on a quality enhancing initiative, Partners in Pregnancy (PnP), to improve outcomes for high risk pregnant women and their infants. Claims data were analyzed for the mothers’ prenatal care, delivery and the infant’s first year of life and were compared with a risk-matched control group from the same geographic regions. The pregnant women receiving CHIP had similar claims, utilization measures, and inpatient days to those in the control group. But, with the additional CHIP services provided at a modest cost, major savings were identified for the
infants during their first year of life:

• CHIP babies spent 44% fewer days in the hospital than the control babies.
• NICU days per 1,000 were 3,086 for CHIP babies and 6,417 for the control group.

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